--- ATTENTION --- 
This game is in its alpha stage and any save data in this version is subject to change.

Gat-Pon is an 'Idle Clicker' game combined with digital creature collecting, there are 5 creatures to collect in this version.
Can you collect all 5?

--- MORE TO COME ---
• More creatures to collect (15 planned for 1.0 release)
• More upgrades
• Viewable stats 
• Achievements
• Upgradable creatures
• Collectable skins 
• Ascension features
• More collectables
• Gat-Pon lore
+ more!

--- CREDITS ---

- Game by - 
Perri "TeckGeck" Taylor-Finn

- Music Composers -
Perri "TeckGeck" Taylor-Finn
David "ViRiX Dreamcore" Mckee
System ST91
Aaron "Napalm Moon" .W

- Creature Artists -
Perri "TeckGeck" Taylor-Finn

-Special Thanks -
System ST91

GDevelop and its community

--- EXTRAS ---

--- OST ---
YouTube Playlist
Soundcloud Playlist
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Gat-Pon 0.1.0.exe 143 MB
Gat_Pon 0_1_0.apk 102 MB

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Well, first of all, I like the UI a lot, though I think I'd probably like it more on my actual phone instead of my pc.
The monsters are cute, but I'd like to be able to do more with them.
Soundtrack is obviously fantastic.
Overall, congrats on getting this out, It's early so most criticisms I could throw at it aren't really relevant yet.

Though there's an extra kernel of humor there for the idea of making a gacha-idle game since most actual Gacha games are basically just idle games anyway.


Thank you for playing!

In the future, the equipable creatures will offer more than just an aesthetic change as well as many more features to come!
Funny you mention that, as the irony is that this game won't be as aggressive as other gacha games and will be friendlier to your wallet :)

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Woah awesome! I'm glad to see a playable version of this! I downloaded it to my phone and it works great!
Love the music and creature art! Music has a very Ape Escape vibe
Excited to see more development!

Thank you for playing! 

We're excited to continue working on this game and hopefully fully release this on stores such as Google Play in the future!